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Here are some words to help you talk about pets.

mon animal - my pet

J'ai un animal. - I have a pet.

un chien - a dog

un chat - a cat

une tortue - a tortoise

un lapin - a rabbit

un oiseau - a bird

un poisson - a fish

un hamster - a hamster

une souris - a mouse

un cheval - a horse

To make a noun plural in French, you usually add –S. So, un chat becomes deux chats – two cats; une tortue becomes trois tortues – three tortoises.

deux chats - two cats

trois tortues - three tortoises

Un oiseau is different. It ends in U and when there's more than one, you add an X to make oiseaux.

It's similar with the plural of animal, which is animaux.

des oiseaux - some birds

Je n'ai pas d'animaux. - I don't have any pets.