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Family is very important in France, particularly at Christmas which is viewed as a family occasion.

la famille - the family

Here are some words to help you talk about your family:

ma mère - my mum

mon père - my dad

ma sœur - my sister

mon frère - my brother

To say you have brothers and sisters, you use j'ai (I have).

J’ai deux frères. - I have two brothers.

There are three ways to say 'my' in French. Just like adjectives, it depends on the GENDER and NUMBER. You say mon before masculine nouns; ma before feminine ones and mes with plurals.

So 'my family' is ma famille and 'my parents' is mes parents.

To introduce your family you use voici …

Voici mes grands-parents. - These are my grandparents.

Voici ma grand-mère et mon grand-père. - This is my grandma and my grandad.

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