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Here are some words to help you talk about your wardrobe!

Je porte... - I wear...

Il porte / elle porte... - He / she wears...

un pull - a jumper

une chemise - a shirt

un chapeau - a hat

une jupe - a skirt

un manteau - a coat

une écharpe - a scarf

In French, 'trousers' are singular - un pantalon. So are some other items of clothing:

un pantalon - trousers

un short - shorts

un slip - pants

un pyjama - pyjamas

To say 'some' in French, you use des:

des gants - some gloves

des lunettes de soleil - some sunglasses

des bottes - some boots

des chaussures - some shoes

To make a sentence NEGATIVE (to say you haven't got something or don't wear something) you just put ne in front of the verb and pas after it. So je porte (I wear) becomes je ne porte pas (I don't wear).

You also have to add de.

Je ne porte pas de pull. - I don't / I'm not wearing a jumper.

Je ne porte pas des chaussures. - I don't / I'm not wearing shoes.

DID YOU KNOW ... The verb you use to say you wear something – porter -  also means 'to carry' so you can say je porte un pull (I wear a jumper) but also je porte un parapluie (I carry an umbrella)!

Je porte un pull. - I wear a jumper.

Je porte un parapluie. - I carry an umbrella.