French Sport

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Many sports are popular in France.

le tennis - tennis

le basket - basketball

le football - football

le golf - golf

Le basket est très populaire. - Basketball is very popular.

If you go to watch one of these sports you might want to show your support by shouting:

Allez! - Come on!

Vas-y! - Get in there!

La pétanque is a very popular sport in France. It is a slow game where to win you have to throw metal balls as close as you can to a small wooden ball.  

la pétanque - bowls

un ballon - a ball

un joueur - a player

marquer - to score

The Tour de France is a very famous bike race where cyclists race against each other. People cycle all over France and the race always ends on the Champs-Élysées, a famous street in Paris.

un cycliste - a cyclist

le vélo - the bike

la course - the race

les Champs-Élysées - (a famous street in Paris)