French speaking world

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DID YOU KNOW... France is not the only place where French is spoken? In fact it's the official language in 28 other countries.

Here are the countries where French is the only official language, do you know where they all are?

le Bénin - Benin

le Burkina Faso - Burkina Faso

la Côte d'Ivoire - Ivory Coast

le Gabon - Gabon

la Guinée - Guinea

le Mali - Mali

Monaco - Monaco

le Niger - Niger

la République du Congo - Republic of the Congo

la République démocratique du Congo - Democratic Republic of the Congo

le Congo - Congo (other name for Democratic Republic of the Congo)

le Sénégal - Senegal

le Togo - Togo

These countries all have French and at least one other language as their official languages:

la Belgique - Belgium

le Berundi - Burundi

le Cameroun - Cameroon

le Canada - Canada

les Comores - Comoros

Dijbouti - Djibouti

la Guinée équatoriale - Equatorial Guinea

Haïti - Haiti

le Luxembourg - Luxembourg

Madagascar - Madagascar

la République centrafricaine - Central African Republic

le Rwanda - Rwanda

le Tchad - Chad

les Seychelles - Seychelles

la Suisse - Switzerland

le Vanuatu - Vanuatu

The French spoken in Quebec can be a bit different to the French spoken in France. Here are some great Quebecois expressions:  

Écouter la télévision : to watch TV
Être aux oiseaux: to be happy (literally: to be with the birds)
Il fait frette: it’s cold
Faire la baboune: to sulk
Tirer le diable par la queue : to not have enough money (literally: to pull the devil by the tail)

DID YOU KNOW… Louisiana, a state in the United States, has French as its official language along with English?