The French have many fun festivals and celebrations.

les fêtes - Festivals

J’aime faire la fête! - I like to party!

The French start each year with a big party called Le Réveillon (New Year’s Eve dinner) where they eat fancy foods like lobsters or even snails! 

le réveillon - New Year's Eve dinner

Bonne année! - Happy New Year!

un homard - a lobster

For la Fête de la Musique or the festival of music, musicians take to the streets to play their hearts out. Every street becomes full of guitar players, singers and dancers. And it’s all free. Magique!

la Fête de la Musique - Festival of Music

la guitare - the guitar

le chanteur - the singer

J'aime danser - I like to dance

Every year the French celebrate their Fête Nationale (or French National Day) when they celebrate being a republic. This is the 14th of July or the quatorze juillet. In every city, there are fireworks.  

la Fête Nationale - French National Day (also called Bastille Day)

le quatorze juilllet - the fourteenth of July

les feux d'artifice - fireworks

The French have a day when they celebrate working, la Fête du Travail. However, they do take the day off work to celebrate! On this day they also give one another a bouquet of white flowers called muguets.

la Fête du Travail - Labour Day

Tout est fermé. - Everything is closed.

les fleurs - flowers