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The culture of France has developed over many years and has been influenced by the people that have lived there.

Je veux aller en France! - I want to go to France!

Je vais en vacances! - I'm going on holiday

Le Château de Versailles is a huge palace. French Kings lived here and inside there is a Hall of Mirrors (Gallerie des Glaces) with 357 mirrors!

le Château de Versailles - Palace of Versailles

le roi - the king

la glace - the mirror

le miroir - the mirror

DID YOU KNOW... la glace and le miroir are both words for 'mirror'. Be careful though! Le miroir can only mean mirror, while la glace can also mean ice... and ice cream!

L’Arc de Triomphe is a very big stone arch in Paris. It was built to remember French soldiers that fought in wars. Many names of important soldiers are carved into it. L’Arc de Triomphe is so tall that once a plane flew underneath it!

une pierre - a stone

un soldat - a soldier

France does not have an official religion as it is un pays laïc, so it has many different religions. For a long time it was a Catholic country, so it celebrates many Catholic festivals. Avignon is a city in the south of France which has a Papal Palace (Le Palais des Papes) because Popes used to live there.

la religion - religion

un pays laïc - a secular country (a country without an official religion)

le Palais des Papes - the Papal Palace

There are many famous French authors. one of the most famous is Victor Hugo who wrote Les Misérables. This is the story of a criminal who becomes a good man, with lots of adventures, including a revolution, happening along the way. From this book came a very popular musical.

la littérature - literature

Victor Hugo - Victor Hugo

Les Misérables - Les Misérables

un livre - a book

une histoire - a story

une pièce - a play

un poème - a poem

J'aime lire! - I love to read!