All About Me

What do I look like?

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To describe yourself you use ADJECTIVES. When they describe a NOUN, adjectives agree with its GENDER (whether it is masculine or feminine). 

So when you’re talking about yourself, if you’re a girl, you use a feminine adjective, and if you’re a boy, a masculine one.

Je suis grand. - I am tall. (If you are a boy)

Je suis grande. - I am tall. (If you are a girl)

Je suis petit. - I am short. (If you are a boy)

Je suis petite. - I am short. (If you are a girl)

Colours are ADJECTIVES too. As well as GENDER, they agree with NUMBER (ie whether the NOUN is singular or plural).

So, 'blue' is bleu, but becomes bleue with a feminine noun eg la bouche bleue (the blue mouth), bleus with a masculine plural eg les yeux bleus (the blue eyes), and bleues with a feminine plural eg les bouches bleues (the blue mouths). The same is true of other colours.

J’ai ... - I have ...

les cheveux blonds / bruns / noirs / roux - blond / brown / black / auburn hair

la bouche bleue / rouge / verte / jaune - a blue / red / green / yellow mouth

les yeux bleus / verts / marron - blue / green / brown eyes