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When French people greet their friends, or are being introduced to new people, they faire la bise - lightly kiss one another on the cheek - and say:

Salut! - Hello!

Bonjour! - Good morning / good day!

Bonsoir! - Good afternoon / evening! (After about 6pm)

For someone you don't know (and who is older than twelve), you say:

Comment allez-vous? - How are you?

They might respond:

Bien, merci. - Fine, thanks.

Bien, et vous? - Fine, what about you?

If you are talking to a friend, you can say:

(Comment) ça va? - How's it going?

You might hear the following in reply:

Ça va. - Fine.

Ça va bien. - Well.

Pas mal. - Not bad.

Bof! - So so!

When it's time to leave, you would normally say:

Au revoir! - Goodbye!

You can also say:

À tout à l’heure! - See you later!

À demain! - See you tomorrow!

À bientôt! - See you soon!

It’s polite to say Madame or Monsieur to all grown-ups and teachers. Listen to how you pronounce Monsieur – it might surprise you!

Monsieur/Madame - Sir/Madam, Mr/Mrs

There are two ways to say please:

s’il te plaît - please (to a friend)

If you're talking to a grown-up or someone you don't know, you say:

s’il vous plaît - please

merci - thanks

DID YOU KNOW... It depends where you live as to how many times you kiss when you meet. In Paris, they kiss twice - once on each cheek, in the north and in Brittany it’s three times and in the south, FOUR times - left right left right!


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