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Colours are ADJECTIVES.  When they describe a NOUN, they agree with its GENDER (whether it is masculine or feminine).

So, 'blue' is bleu, but becomes bleue with a feminine noun eg la chaise bleue (the blue chair). The same is true of other colours – for example, noir becomes noire etc.

bleu(e) - blue

noir(e) - black

The masculine and feminine forms of some colours have different sounds:

vert - green (m)

verte - green (f)

violet - purple (m)

violette - purple (f)

gris - grey (m)

grise - grey (f)

blanc - white (m)

blanche - white (f)

Some colours don’t change to match the GENDER eg rouge stays the same for both masculine and feminine nouns. Le chapeau rouge – 'the red hat' (masculine) and la chaise rouge - 'the red chair' (feminine).

rouge - red

orange - orange

rose - pink

marron - brown

jaune - yellow