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Dig Archaeology

Hands on History aims to bring the past to life through hands on activities for families and schools. The Hands on History Dig! schools pack uses the fascinating theme of archaeology to explore a variety of subjects including History, Art and Design, English and Maths. Curriculum links for KS2 (7-11) are included in the introductory download (PDF).

Activities can run across a term to create a project the whole class can take part in. Begin the term with the first part of the 'Create an excavation (PDF)' activity and complete towards the end of term when the class can discover how their artefacts have changed over time. While the excavation is left to degrade, you can complete the other four activities to explore archaeology further. Extension activities are also included in the pack.

Teacher's notes and activities

  • Activity 1 - Get colouring
    Eric is at an archaeological dig. Find his tools and colour in the picture.
  • Activity 3 - Paper excavation
    Take part in an excavation without getting your hands dirty and use skills important to a real archaeologist to discover, examine and record.
  • Activity 5 - Cress Cropmarks
    Explore how landscape change is used by archaeologists to understand the past (and cover some areas of Science too).

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