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A to D

A place where people watch sports or concerts.
A sportsperson; in particular someone who does athletics (running, jumping, throwing).
When someone says they would like to buy something or arrange something.
an ancient two-wheeled cart pulled by horses
A race across fields, not on a running track or road.

E to G

gold medal
Prize for coming first at the Olympic Games.

H to L

This is when someone is made a knight, and is then called Sir instead of Mr.

M to O

Member of Parliament, a person elected to make our laws.
Olympic Games
International sports festival, held every four years.

P to S

Paralympic Games
The Olympics for disabled athletes.
The business of governing a country.
silver medal
Prize for coming second at the Olympic Games.

T to Z

This is an underwater bomb, with a motor, fired from a submarine.
Shown how to do something better, such as run faster.
World War I
War 1914-18 fought mainly in Europe and the Middle East.
World War II
War 1939-45, fought in Europe, Africa and the Pacific.
Other famous sports people

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