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A to D

Person in command of a fleet (group of ships) in the Navy.
Part of the body where waste water (urine) is kept
Civil War
Fighting between the English Parliament and the King in the 1640s-1650s.
civil servant
A person who works for the government.
A person whose job is mostly writing.
To have solved or broken a code.
The day-to-day happening in a person's life, written by them
Something very bad that happens, such as a very big fire, flood or earthquake

E to G

A kind of flute - a musical instrument you blow.

H to L

A rich person with a title such as Earl or Duke.

M to O

Member of Parliament
Someone elected to make laws.
night watchman
Person who walked the streets at night, with a bell, calling out the time.

P to S

Pens made from sharpened goose feathers.
Someone who leaves their own country for another, to escape dangers.
Royal Navy
The British navy (ships for fighting).
A person paid to work for rich people.
A form of writing which is quick and looks like a code.
A sign that someone has an illness; for example, coughing is a symptom of a cold.

T to Z

A person who makes clothes.
False hair; wigs were worn by men and women in Pepys' time.
Other famous writers, poets and musicians

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