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A to D

arranged marriage
When a person marries someone chosen for them by their family.
This is when something is made against the law.
White South African people who speak a language called Afrikaans.
British Empire
In history, countries that were ruled by Britain.
A settlement by people from one country in another country.
A group of 54 friendly nations; almost all were once ruled by Britain.
A protest against something people think is wrong.

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H to L

hard labour
Outdoor work done by a prisoner, such as breaking rocks or digging.
Someone who does brave things and is admired by others.
human rights
Freedoms that every person should have.
life sentence
This is being kept in prison until a person dies.

M to O

mission school
A school run by Christian teachers.
Nobel Peace Prize
A prize given every year to people who have worked for world peace.

P to S

racial prejudice
Treating people unfairly because of their race or skin colour.
Doing damage, such as blowing up a bridge or railway, on purpose.
People paid to work for rich people, usually in their homes.

T to Z

Buying and selling things.
A region of South Africa.
The crime of plotting or fighting against your own country.
Other famous politicians and reformers

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