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A to D

Someone who learns a new trade or skill by working with people who do the job.
Battle of Waterloo
A battle in 1815 when British and German soldiers beat Napoleon's French army.
A long rope-like bundle of wires for carrying electric current or messages.

E to G

Engineers design and build things.
When something blows up with a bang.
A building where things are made using machines.
French Revolution
Uprising of 1789 which removed the king of France and set up a republic.
A woman who looks after children, often from rich families.

H to L

Industrial Revolution
Changes in work and science that started in the 1700s.

M to O

P to S

A ship driven by paddle-wheels turned by an engine.
Lots of sand collected on the bottom of a river or the sea.
A factory that saws wooden planks.
screw propeller
Pushes a ship along, with blades that spin in the water.
Vehicle pulled by horses, before there were cars.
Ship with a steam engine burning coals.
suspension bridge
A bridge whose weight is supported by cables.

T to Z

Sending messages through an electric cable, invented in 1837.
The metal rails of a railway for trains to run along.
Buying something and selling something else in return.
tunnelling shield
Machine for digging tunnels underground safely, by holding up the roof as it goes.
A person who makes watches.

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