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A to D

gave up the throne
someone sent to another country to represent their own country
Archbishop of Canterbury
leading bishop or church leader in the Church of England
a feast, often given by a leader to welcome an important visitor
air raids on Britain during World War II
British Empire
in history, parts of the world that were settled or ruled by Britain (roughly 1600-1960s). The Empire became the Commonwealth.
a small passenger vehicle pulled by horses
ceremony for making a king or queen by putting a crown on their heads

E to G

moved to safety in wartime. Many British children during World II became 'evacuees' from cities to the countryside
a woman who looked after and gave lessons to a child at home

H to L

M to O

another name for a king or queen

P to S

the House of Commons and House of Lords, which make laws for the UK
Prime Minister
the leader of the government
the length of time a person is king or queen
an interruption to the normal flow of speech

T to Z

World War II
global war that began in 1939 and ended in 1945
Other famous writers, poets and musicians

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