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A to D

A person who asks for money in the street.
A plan of action, to make changes.
Helping people in need.
Crimean War
War of 1854-56. Britain, France and Turkey fought Russia.

E to G

A building where things are made using machines.
French Revolution
Uprising of 1789 which removed the king of France and set up a republic.
An old name for a prison.
Person in charge of a prison.

H to L

Industrial Revolution
Changes in work and science that started in the 1700s.

M to O

Member of Parliament
A person elected to make laws.

P to S

Someone who speaks to others about religion.
A member of the Society of Friends, a Christian group.
Someone who works for changes, to make things better.
A group of people with shared interests.
sunday school
Religious school teaching children about Christianity.

T to Z

Someone who guards prisoners.
Other famous politicians and reformers

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