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20 October 2014
Schools - French Language Lab

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Off-Line Lesson Plan based on section 1:
Hello! How are you?

Children will learn to say Hello and Goodbye; to ask how someone feels and answer how they are feeling.

National Curriculum
Relates to QCA non-statutory Guidelines Scheme of Work, Unit One.
Links to Citizenship.

Resources required:
  • Map of France or Europe (optional)
  • Puppets or Printable Activity 1 (the puppets can be made in an earlier Technology session, using matching actions and instructions in French)
  • Five flashcards - Hello! / Goodbye! / happy / sad / non-committal (these are optional as you can use actions instead of flashcards)
  • En France: print-out of the script
No previous knowledge is required for this lesson. The teacher can introduce the lesson by waving and greeting the class, saying Bonjour; repeat until the class respond. Ask students what they know about France, its language, and its position in relation to Britain and Europe. You could include the following questions: Have you been to France on holiday? Is France far away? How do you get there? Can you point to France on the map of Europe. Why do we learn French? Can you count in French? Do you know any French words?

  • Teacher demonstration of Bonjour / Au revoir using exaggerated gestures; class chanting activity to practise the language
  • Teacher demonstration of differences in greetings in France and UK, ie shaking hands and kissing
  • Pair practise of Bonjour / Au revoir using the paper puppets, imagining they are French children
  • Teacher demonstration of Ça va? / Ça va! / Ça va bien / Ça va mal, using mimes and/ or flashcards; class miming games to practise the language - children do mimes to match greetings, progressing to the children providing the greetings to match the mimes
  • Pair practise of Ça va? / Ça va bien / Ça va mal using puppets
  • Teacher demonstration, with puppet, of conversation incorporating all the above language
  • Class activity, puppet conversation practice: students circulate around the room, imagining they are French children greeting each other on arrival at school
  • Simon Says, miming game, to finish the lesson: mime language from the lesson and include some classroom instructions with associated actions that you may have used, eg Silence! - Be Quiet / Écoutez - Listen / Levez-vous - Stand up / could finish with Asseyez-vous bien - Sit up
  • Extension: Children can act out the script from En France, or use as a basis for further role-plays
Volunteers demonstrate their conversations, incorporating the greetings language learned in the lesson.

Suggested homework
Practise the greetings, talking to puppets, friends, family, pets or soft toys.

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