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Numbers 7 - 12

Teaching objectives:

Children will learn the numbers from seven to twelve; they will respond to the question 'How much is that?'.

New language content:

Ça fait combien? - How much is that?
sept - seven
huit - eight
neuf - nine
dix - ten
onze - eleven
douze - twelve
c'est le numéro sept - it's the number seven

Previous knowledge:
This section builds on greetings and numbers to six.

  • The correct word for 'number', when referring to a number in a calculation, is un nombre, eg c'est un grand nombre - it's a big number. The correct word for a number in a sequence is un numéro, eg Numéro un, silence!
  • Notice the reinforcement in the song that the X at the end of a number is silent when followed by a consonant, e.g. di(x) baguettes.
  • The consonant at the end of a number is pronounced when followed by a vowel, eg deux_euros; when shopping (see En France) it is easy to confuse this price with douze euros or dix_euros.
  • The numbers could be compared in English and French (and other languages).
  • The interactive game depicts the current craze of the cartoon characters - collecting alien bouncing balls; this will be a recurrent theme.
  • Children can compare different currencies and prices (see En France)
  • Have a guessing game where children guess how many items are held behind a child's back.
  • Use the numbers to begin warm-up sessions in Mental Maths.
Printable stuff:
  • Prepare children for the worksheet by ensuring that they are familiar with the written form of the numbers, using a poster or matching text to picture game.

un deux trois
dix onze sept
douze quatre cinq
trois neuf cinq
deux six douze
trois quatre cinq
six sept huit
huit neuf dix

  • Children create a number quiz or puzzle of their own, using pictures of sweets. If possible reproduce these for the class to do.