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Numbers 0 - 6

Teaching objectives:

Children will learn the numbers from zero to six and respond to the instruction to count.

New language content:

Comptez! - Count!
zéro - zero
un - one
deux - two
trois - three
quatre - four
cinq - five
six - six

Previous knowledge:
This section recycles greetings.

  • Remember that X at the end of a number is pronounced when followed by a vowel, but silent when followed by a consonant, eg six_enfants, but si(x) crayons (also dix_enfants / di(x) crayons)
  • Numbers can be compared in English and French (and other languages)
  • The exclamations in the En France photo story are in common use, eg Extra! - great! and Oh là là; - Oh no!
  • Use counting in everyday activities in the classroom, eg counting out the correct number of pencils for a group. Introduce one or two classroom items at a time.
  • Children need activities to learn the numbers out of order, eg. Throw the dice, preferably using a large sponge dice: the children take it in turns to throw the dice and say the number that has been thrown.
Printable stuff - Dominoes game (match numbers of dots to text):
  • As a general rule for any matching game in a Foreign Language, children should say an item when they match it. In this case they say each number as they play it.
  • Use the version provided here once the children are thoroughly familiar with the sound of the words, and have had experience in the group, matching the words to the text.
  • Differentiation: Allow some children to play traditional dominoes (therefore with no text) but still say the numbers in French as they play.
  • Make up a new number rap or song.
  • Make an illustrated number poster for the wall.
  • Begin an IT word bank of numbers.