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How old are you?

Teaching objectives:

Children will learn to say their age and to ask others how old they are.

New language content:

Quel âge as-tu? - How old are you?
J'ai un an - I am one year old
J'ai deux ans - I am two years old; three years old; etc.

Previous knowledge:
This section recycles numbers to twelve.

  • In French we say ages by saying we have a certain number of years, e.g. J'ai dix ans - I am ten years old (I have ten years).
  • Children in France and French-speaking countries love playing soccer with their friends, as they do in Britain, see En France.
  • To practise ages have a circle activity: children pass round a soft toy; they say their age as they receive it, and as they pass it on they ask the next child in the circle how old they are.
  • When a child has a birthday they can say their new age to the class when they have Happy Birthday sung to them in French (see What's this?).
Printable stuff:
  • Ensure the children are familiar with the numbers in text form before they complete this activity sheet: you could enlarge the sheet to A3 poster size or make an OHP transparency and play matching text and number games.
  • Emphasise the silent ending in ans, eg by whispering and pointing to the S as you say the word.
  • Conduct a survey into ages in the group or class - you will need to teach the word for months - mois: some children could prepare a class database on ages.