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Hello! How are you?

Teaching objectives:

Children will learn to say Hello and Goodbye; to ask how someone feels and answer how they are feeling.

New language content:

Bonjour! - Hello!
Salut! - Hi!
Au revoir -Goodbye!
Ça va? - How are things?
Ça va! - Fine!
Ça va bien! - Things are going well!
Ça va mal! - Things are bad!
Comme ci, comme ça - So-so

Previous Knowledge:
None needed.

  • When people of all ages meet up with friends they shake hands as they greet each other , see En France photo story. When they greet family and very close friends they kiss on both cheeks, or up to four times.
  • French people are very polite: encourage the class to start each day with greetings and say Hello to people who visit the class. As soon as possible encourage them to combine this with Madame, Monsieur or Mademoiselle to the appropriate adults.
  • Use these greetings daily. You may naturally progress to saying that things are going very well Ça va très bien
Printable Stuff - Puppets of the characters Roller, Dodu or Leila (links to Technology)
  • Once the puppets are made children should use them to practise greetings, then retain them in a safe place to use in future lessons when reinforcing language in puppet conversation practice. The puppets can also be used by the teacher to model language.
  • Print out, or photocopy, extra copies for the children to match to speech bubbles containing the text of greetings. The greeting said by the characters can be written on speech bubbles, attached to the appropriate characters, and made into a display.
  • Children begin an IT word bank of greetings in French.