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What date is it?

Teaching objectives:

Children will learn the names of the months; they will understand and be able to say some dates; they will answer the question What date is your birthday?

New language content:

Quelle est la date? - What is the date?
janvier - January
février - February
mars - March
avril -April
mai - May
juin - June
juillet - July
août - August
septembre - September
octobre - October
novembre - November
décembre - December
C'est mardi le neuf juillet - It's Tuesday 9th July
Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire? - What date is your birthday?
Mon anniversaire est le vingt-quatre août - My birthday is 24th August

Previous Knowledge:

This section builds on colours; numbers to 31; days; previously learned conversational language.

  • In French the only ordinal number used for dates is the first of the month, e.g. le premier janvier [1st January].
  • It is acceptable to say the date in two ways, e.g. le lundi cinq mai OR lundi le cinq mai.
  • Where a liaison should correctly be heard between two words in the date (because the second word begins with a vowel), in colloquial speech it may often be omitted and the two words heard separately, e.g. le deux_avril OR le deux avril.
  • Secret Signal Game [le chef d'orchestre]: write four dates on the board. A volunteer is chosen to be the 'guesser' and leaves the room while another volunteer is chosen to be the 'secret signaller', the 'guesser' then returns to the room. The class chant one of the dates, changing to the next date on the list at a secret signal from the 'signaller'; and the 'guesser' tries to guess the identity of the 'signaller' by watching the class.
  • Practise saying the date each day: children can set the day's date on their own calendar (see Printable Sheet) or on the class calendar.
  • When a child in the class has a birthday, bring them to the front of the class for puppet practice about their name, age and birthday (and a kiss on both cheeks!); the class then sing Joyeux Anniversaire - simply repeat the phrase, to the tune of Happy Birthday.
  • Puppet conversation practice: asking and answering birthdays.
Printable Stuff
    Make a universal calendar [un calendrier]:
  • Prepare for this activity by familiarising the children thoroughly with the text cards of days and months.
  • Demonstrate how to make the calendar, speaking the instructions in French.
  • Encourage the children to illustrate the months with relevant illustrations.
  • To use the calendar play Montrez-moi: say a date for the children to place secretly on their calendar and then reveal simultaneously; progress to volunteers saying the dates.
  • Children write the date each day for the class, and date their own work.
  • Add months to the class IT French dictionary or to individual dictionaries.
  • Anagrams: unjumble the words for days and months.