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20 October 2014
Schools - French Language Lab

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How to use the site

Look at the presentation with your child and, using the replay button, when provided, listen to the new sounds several times, copying the pronunciation as closely as possible. You could sit alongside and join in - the whole family could learn together!

Encourage your child to listen and respond several times before moving on, thus gaining confidence with the language. If children appear hesitant in the responses, or make several errors in games, reassure them, and replay preceding units until they are comfortable.

All children learn in different ways and at different speeds. They may need a 'silent period' when they are comfortable just listening to the new sounds, before they are ready to copy and reproduce them.

The song section, games and printable activities help children to memorise new phrases in a 'fun' way, incorporating lots of repetition and reinforcement, which is at the core of sound language teaching. Remember that we learnt our mother tongue after hours and hours of listening and repeating. There is still no magic pill for instant foreign language fluency!

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