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20 October 2014
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Lesson Plan for Offline Use


To make measurements in suitable units. To collect and compare data. To make suggestions about the reasons why their results are different.

National Curriculum

Key Stage 2 Science: Sc1 2f, 2g & 2h


Tape measures, printouts of Worksheet 1

Teaching Activities:


Introduce the idea of the skeleton with questions about what we are made of and perhaps some examples of animals with and without skeletons - jellyfish, snail, dog, etc. Encourage the class to feel some of their own bones and joints, under their skin. Ask what they think happens to their skeleton when they grow.

Group Activities

Distribute Worksheet 1 and the tape measures and discuss the different types of units, particularly the units on the tape measures the class will be using. Discuss how they might choose the best units for the various measurements they are going to make. Discuss how to make sure their measurements are comparable with those of other groups, i.e. check to make sure they are all going to make the same type of measurement.

In pairs, the pupils then decide on the units, measure and fill in their results on Worksheet 1. When they have finished, group them in larger groups of approximately ten. Ask them to share their results and draw a bar chart of each set of results.


Each group presents their charts and reports on their findings.


Complete the charts for all their results.

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