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20 October 2014
pod's mission
pod's mission pod's mission

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Solids & Liquids

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Site Overview

Curriculum Relevance

The Pod's Mission Website provides learning resources and information to support aspects of three topics of the KS2 science curriculum and the requirements of the QCA primary Science Unit 4: 4a Moving and growing, 4d Solids, liquids & how they can be separated and 4f Circuits & conductors . (NC refs: SC2 2e, SC3 2a, b, c & d, SC4 1a, b, & c)

Content Areas

Each topic on this website is divided into three areas: Annie's, Pod's and Ollo's. Each area is self-contained, but is focused on the same topic. In other words, they can be used separately, in any order, or together.

Annie's Area is a Flash-based (with an HTML alternative) online activity/game that will serve as a fun way into the topic and will introduce the theme and allow pupils to explore it.

Pod's Area is an offline activity or experiment, which can be done in the classroom or the home.

Ollo's Area gives a more detailed explanation of the science behind each topic.


Annie: Put Annie back together. Put Annie's bones back into the right place in a cutaway diagram of her body. This game helps pupils learn the names, properties and positions of major bones and bone groups in the human body.

Pod: Measure Me. Measuring activity of parts of the pupils' own bodies with the option to fill in their results online and compare their data to the national average.

Ollo: Description of human bones, growth and the importance of nourishment.


Annie: Circuit Builder. Build and test interactive circuits with various combinations of bulbs and cells and wires to see what happens to see whether the bulbs are on and how bright they are.

Pod: Lemon Battery. Experiment to show that a circuit can be made from household objects.

Ollo: What electricity is and how it flows in a circuit, stressing the safety aspect.

Solids & Liquids

Annie: Hotter or Colder? Annie makes some drinks for her friends. The pupil helps her by guessing the temperature of water in various states as she makes the drinks.

Pod: Crystal Growing. Instructions for how to grow salt crystals, which could be done in the classroom or at home.

Ollo: What the differences are between solids and liquids and how their state can be changed. How some solids can dissolve in some liquids to make a solution.

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