Special Educational Needs

How to get a statement and support your child's learning needs, including gifted and talented.

  • How to identify SENpupil with hearing aidSpecial Educational Needs (SEN) is a legal term. It describes the needs of a child who has a difficulty or disability which makes learning harder for them...
  • What is a statement of special needs?ChildA statement of special needs is a formal document detailing a child's learning difficulties and the help that will be given.
  • What if my child needs extra help?girl doing homeworkThe National Curriculum states that children making slower progress than others can get extra help or special lessons. The National Literacy and Numeracy...
  • What if my child is gifted and talented?pupil playing an instrument'Gifted and talented' is a term used in schools to describe children who have the potential to develop significantly beyond what is expected for their...
  • English as an additional languageethnic girlIf English isn't your family‚Äôs first language, you may worry how your child will cope in an English-speaking school.

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