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20 October 2014
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Number Time
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Dartboard, Mend the Number Square, Find One More, Find the Number, Snakes and Ladders, Test the Toad

National Numeracy Strategy: Counting, properties of numbers and number sequences

  • Know the number names and recite them in order to at least 20, from and back to zero.
  • Count reliably at least 20 objects.
  • Know the number names and recite them in order to at least 20, from and back to zero.

Dartboard: KS1 Level 1 and 2

Aims: Introduce doubling and familiarise children with the two times table.

Extension: Use Levels 2 and 3 of the game as these use two and three stage operations to arrive at the target score. Alternatively, use bigger numbers on the whiteboard or large sheet of paper.

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Mend the number square KS1 Level 2

Aims: Reinforce the order of numbers from 1 to 100. Encourage discussion about the properties of numbers and tens and units.

Extension: Add addition and subtraction - how much more is 57 than 51?How much less is 78 than 85?
Look for patterns in the number square. Which is the biggest number missing? Which is the smallest?

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Find one more KS1 Level 1

Aims:Introduce the concept of 'one more', use positional language such as 'above', 'below', 'next to' and 'between'. Improve visual memory.

Extension: In pairs, children have to describe to their partner which picture they would like them to click on, rather than clicking themselves.

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Find the number KS1 Level 1

Aims:Reinforces numbers to 10 and the idea of balancing a see-saw.

Extension: Add a time limit - how many numbers can you balance in a minute?

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Snakes and Ladders KS1 Level 2

Aims:Reinforce counting skills to 100 on the board and as dots on a die. Introduce children to number lines that go from right to left. Work co-operatively in a pair.

Extension: Encourage children to work out which numbered square they will move to mentally rather than just counting on. With each snake and ladder what is the difference between the numbered squares?

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Test the toad KS1 Level 2

Aims:Practise number bonds from to 15 with addition and subtraction.

Extension: Play the game without the number line in view. Answer questions mentally.

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