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The Siege

18 April is the anniversary of The Siege of Derry, one of the most significant events in Irish history. Explore this turbulent period of Irish history when Londonderry took centre stage in the battle for supremacy between two kings.

Secondary school pupils can explore the background, main developments and legacy of The Siege.

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Absolute Genius Inventions Competition

Dick and Dom have teamed up with Newsround to launch a brilliant inventions competition. Primary school children aged 8-11 are invited to form teams and dream up inventions that solve everyday problems. The best invention will be professionally made and showcased on Newsround!

  Dr Joann Fletcher  

Ancient Egypt: Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings

Dr Joann Fletcher goes on a fascinating journey in search of the people who built and populated this ancient civilization.

See the full list of Learning Zone programmes for schools and download the Spring schedule.

  Radio 1 DJ Dev  

Music Technology

Radio 1 DJ Dev and some of the UK's hottest producers explain how to compose music using technology even if you don't own an instrument.

See the full list of Learning Zone programmes for schools and download the Spring schedule.


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  Whats The Big Idea Game  

What's The Big Idea?

CBeebies' first pre-school philosophy show What's The Big Idea? launches a brand-new mobile game this month. The game helps children to develop their thinking and decision-making skills. Check back later this month to play the game and try different ways to solve problems.

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Class Clips

Class Clips is a bank of video and audio clips across all curriculum subjects, designed for use in the classroom. There are now over 10,000 clips on the site!


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