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William Shakespeare and three other people on stage in a game  

Famous People - New Games

BBC Famous People now features new games for historical figures such as Henry VIII, Florence Nightingale, Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare plus many more.

Put your knowledge to the test and see how much you know about each famous person. Can you get a gold certificate in the final quiz at the end of each game?


Primary and Secondary Resources

two teenagers by a wall  

BBC Three My Murder for Teachers

Watch the edited classroom version of the factual BBC Three drama My Murder to deliver PSHE lessons for students from 14 years upwards. This content is intended for teachers to deliver lessons where students are challenged to understand and discuss the key themes: Gang Culture and Relationships.


GCSE Bitesize Science

GCSE Bitesize Science has updated its Additional Science content, including a brand new Edexcel Additional Science section. Core Science content was also updated in December, so both sections now reflect the new syllabus requirements across AQA, OCR Gateway, OCR 21st Century and Edexcel.

Bitesize message boards logo  

Standard Grade and Higher Message Boards

There is a brand new place to go if you are struggling with Standard Grades or needing help with Highers. As well as the games, videos and tests for our range of subjects, pupils can now post questions or help others with their revision online - with teachers offering tips and answering queries.

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CBBC Live 'n' Deadly Teacher's Pack

The Live 'n' Deadly Teacher's Pack is available to order or download. The pack provides primary teachers with the opportunity to link their lessons to the themes of the Live 'n' Deadly show. It features practical, engaging lesson plans as well as clips from the programme.


Early Years Foundation Stage

Lieb from Lingo Show  

Lingo Show

Lingo has a new friend, Lieb who speaks German. Help Lingo and Lieb prepare for the Big Bug Show by playing fun games whilst learning different words in German. You can also have fun learning words in other languages with his other bug friends.


Also don't miss...

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The Learning Zone

The Learning Zone is back on 16 April. Watch 3,2,1 - Go!, a new series featuring maths challenges inspired by Olympic sports. Discover great works of art brought to life by animation with Your Paintings. Find out about life in China from the point of view of primary aged children in a new series called In My Shoes.

2012 term planner  

2012 Term Planners

Make the most of 2012, find activities and things to do with the BBC term planners for primary and secondary schools. Find out what key dates to look out for in Summer 2012 as well as what is new this term and what is coming next term.

Dr Yan  

Watch the Latest Bang Goes the Theory Films

What is the most excruciating sound in the world? How does the internet stay secure? Discover the answers to these and many more questions of science with Dr Yan and the Bang Goes the Theory online films.

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Trade Your Way: Schools Challenge

Trade Your Way to the USA returns to CBBC on 23 April.

Coming soon: the Trade Your Way: Schools Challenge with exclusive video content, top tips, a live webchat and a bespoke KS2 teacher's pack to encourage enterprise in primary schools.


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