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20 October 2014

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Floppy Floppy title Floppy is a clever dog.
He is called Floppy because he looks floppy and flops down to sleep when tired.
He often gets muddy and likes to chase cats.
Floppy carries the magic key on his collar but would rather be burying a bone or having a nice snooze than going on adventures; he knows there will always be trouble, with a capital T!
Kipper Floppy title Kipper is 5 years old and the baby of the family.
He is very mischievous and is always getting into scrapes.
He has a good imagination and loves the world of make believe.
He takes his teddy bear 'Teddy' everywhere with him.
Biff Biff title Biff is seven years old, like her twin brother Chip.
She has good ideas but is sometimes bossy.
She is an action girl but can be very clumsy; if there is a hole to fall into, she will fall into it!
Chip Chip title Chip is seven and Biff's twin brother.
He is quieter and more cautious than the others but is good at stopping their quarrels.
Chip likes to take time to think about a problem.
He is artistic and funny.
Wilf Wilf title Wilf is seven years old.
He is clever, in fact he is a walking encyclopaedia of facts! - but not a know-it-all.
Wilf has a good imagination and likes to perform; this can be useful if the children find themselves in a difficult situation!
Wilma Wilma title Wilma is eight and the oldest of the children.
She is very determined and likes to boss the gang around.
Wilma is practical with bright ideas and common sense, but she always thinks that she is right.
She likes to try to do things in the neatest possible way.
Anneena Anneena title Anneena is 7 years old and an only child.
She can be shy and hates it that she blushes so easily.
She is very athletic and a great climber.
Anneena always tries to be helpful and is sensitive towards other people.
Nadim Nadim title Nadim is 7 and the smartest of the children.
He is a whiz on the computer and likes to fix things.
He loves any kind of gadget or gizmo.
Nadim often fiddles with knobs and buttons without reading the instructions first and things can go wrong!
Dad Dad title Mum calls Dad the 'fourth child of the family'.
He's always messing about and loves practical jokes.
Things often go wrong for Dad and he's a bit of a bodger around the house, but he's great at telling stories and organising games.
Mum Mum title Mum is the practical one of the family; if something needs fixing she is the one to do it whether it's unblocking the sink or building a new shed.
She is patient and kind and can tell if any of the children are unhappy. Mum can often sense trouble coming before it happens!
Gran Gran title Gran is an energetic, eccentric and wacky grandmother and can be a bit of a rebel. She lives in a cottage in the country and the children like to stay with her.
She can be a worry to Mum and is sometimes embarrassing; she often acts as if she is a child herself!

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