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20 October 2014
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Lesson PlansMickey Maker
Science: Making toffee apples and describing how materials change when heated
To explore and describe how some everyday materials change when heated

National Curriculum
Science programme of study Key stage 1
Sc3 2b References to QCA scheme of work Year 2

Resources required
Apples, sticks
Sugar and greaseproof paper
Source of heat and adult supervision
Recipe sheet (printable by clicking on apples)
Science activity sheet 1 and 2
Teaching Activities Introduction
Ask the class
  • Who has been to a fair or had toffee apples from the shops?
    (Show a toffee apple and an ordinary apple with a stick in it)
  • In which ways are they the same?
  • How are they different?

Write these in a simple table on a flipchart – 5 min at most
Show the children what the toffee is made out of: sugar and water
Read the instructions sheet as an OHT with the pupils (this could have already been introduced in a lesson on instructional texts in literacy or this sheet could be used later in a literacy lesson).
Ask pupils to read part of it or guess what is happening from the pictures.
Today we are going to make toffee apples. How could we record what we see?

Get the children to give ideas about what we could do:
  • Pictures, (Digital cameras are most effective)
  • Sequence drawings
  • A simple chart
Showing the ways in which the toffee ingredients are the same and ways in which it has changed – is different.
Group work is suggested with pupils working in single sex mixed ability groups. Adult supervision will be needed when the sugar is turned to Toffee.
It is suggested that pupils observe the changes between sugar and toffee using some toffee made prior to the lesson. This activity can be undertaken with pupils whilst waiting to make toffee. Science activity sheet 1 will support this process.
When pupils make toffee they should record the process that they went through in a sequence of diagrams concentrating upon the changes that take place. (Science activity sheet 2 will support this.) Questions such as:
  • What was the smell of toffee like?
  • Did the sugar smell?
  • Which was hot?
  • What was cold?
  • How would you describe the sugar?
  • Was it a liquid?
  • Did you see any bubbles?
  • What were the dangers in the activity?

The pupils can look at the site to see how Mickey Maker tells pupils about toffee apples.
What other things does he tell them about that have changes included in them?
Adults will need to support the pupils with this activity. This could also occur whilst pupils are waiting to make toffee apple or prior to the lesson as an introduction.
Focus the pupils’ attention on the changes that have occurred and the science words they have learnt.
  • How did the sugar change?
  • What was it like to start with?
  • Who can tell the rest of the class about the stages that we went through to turn the sugar into toffee?
  • What new words have we learnt?
  • What else changes when we heat it?
Finish the session with examples of children’s work.

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