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20 October 2014
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Lesson PlansDigby Mole
English: Matching initial consonant clusters and end clusters
To be able to discriminate words with initial consonant clusters and start to identify end clusters

National Curriculum
En2 1a
National Literacy Strategy
Word level work. Year 1 term 2

Resources required
Worksheets for re-enforcing work undertaken on line.
(1a,1b,2a,2b,3a,or 3b)
Little Animal Activity Centre Digby Mole letter matching option
Teaching Activities
  • The children will have already experienced single letters and some initial consonant blends.
  • In the word level work they will reinforce the constant blends that have already been covered by the class.
  • After the word level work done as a whole class the pupils will move to independent work.
  • It is suggested that groups of 3 pupils work online (some with adult support if needed) to do the First sound game/End sound game matching the first and end letters and then 2 and 3 letter clusters.
  • If the children are grouped by ability, the children could rotate after each level of the game, thus allowing the activities to be matched to the needs of the various pupils and pupils to learn from each other.
  • The teacher can keep a record of correct answers, as they are stored in the jar on screen.
  • The worksheets have a similar format to the online activity and can be used before or after the activity.
  • Two groups of three pupils should be able to play the game during the independent activity time of the literacy hour.
  • During a week all children should have had the opportunity to access the material at least once. The material online can then be used for support at other times.
Plenary Focus some questions on the ‘online’ task and some on the word level work.
  • Which first sounds/end sounds did you match?
  • Where there any that were hard?
  • What happened when you got the letters right?
  • What did Digby do with the worms at the end?
  • What type of creature is Digby?
  • What did you enjoy most?
  • When you try it again do you think you will be quicker?
  • Which word did you match with ‘stop’, ‘cloth’ and ‘skin’? etc.
  • What other words do you know that start with gr, th, cl, str, spr?
  • What other words end in ck, ll, sp?
Suggested Homework
Place the online details in the school newsletter and recommended that the children try the game at home.

For children without access at home try to ensure that the computer is available first thing in a morning when the pupils are coming into the classroom so that children and parents can work together.

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