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20 October 2014
Schools  >> All subjects for ages 4 - 11 years The Little Animals Activity Centre
The Little Animals Activity Centre

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Curriculum Relevance

The Little Animals site covers speaking, listening, reading, numeracy and science skills.

(EN1) Speaking and listening breadth of study
  • (9c) Listening, recordings.
(En2) Reading strategies, phonemic awareness and phonic knowledge
  • (1a) hear, identify, segment and blend phonemes in words

(Ma2) Number and algebra

Using and applying number
  • (1e) Pupils should be taught to: use the correct language, symbols and vocabulary associated with number and data.
  • (3a) understand addition and use related vocabulary; recognise that addition can be done in any order; understand subtraction as both 'take away' and 'difference' and use the related vocabulary; recognise that subtraction is the inverse of addition; give the subtraction corresponding to an addition and vice versa; use the symbol '=' to represent equality; solve simple missing number problems [for example, 6 = 2 + ].

(Sc3) Materials and their properties

Changing materials
  • (2b) Pupils should be taught to: explore and describe the way some everyday materials [for example, water, chocolate, bread, clay] change when they are heated or cooled.

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