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Everyday activities: About the house


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When you are told to write a note to someone it's sometimes difficult to know what to include and how to set it out.

Sample question


Un estudiante español pasa unos días con tu familia. Esta mañana tú tienes que salir. Escribe un mensaje para el estudiante.

Escribe unas 30 palabras incluyendo esta información.

This question asks you to write a note for a Spanish student who is staying at your house. The picture and words in the boxes below will help you decide what you need to write.

top left (a), he leaves the house - top right (b), variety of food and a microwave - bottom left (c), stereo and tv - bottom right (d), he returns home, there's a large clock on the wall

  • a)
  • b) Desayuno ¿qué? ¿dónde?

toggle answer


Here is one possible answer to the question, written by Gary. Have a good look at it. It has no mistakes in it!

  • Alfredo,
  • Tengo que salir.
  • Desayuno: cereales, mermelada y pan en la mesa.
  • Leche y mantequilla en el frigorífico.
  • Puedes escuchar música o ver la televisión.
  • Vuelvo al mediodía.
  • Gary


This is a note so you can write bits of it in note form. Your main aim is to get the message across. Look at the sample answer. Do you think it does this? Look at each picture in turn. Has Gary answered all the questions and dealt with all the details?

Gary has read the question carefully and has recycled tienes que to explain that he has to go out. And he has remembered to change it to tengo que to refer to himself!

He has not only written something about each picture; he has referred to everything in each picture.

He's explained to Alfredo where he's gone and what time he will be back. He's told him what there is for breakfast and where to find it. He's also given Alfredo some suggestions about how to spend the morning.

He's written some pieces of information as full sentences but others in note form - that's fine.

He's started with Alfredo's name and signed the note at the end to make it seem more realistic.

This exercise will show you how do this and how to make the most of the help you are given. It also gives you some tips on how to write a good answer to a typical exam question.

Exam questions often ask you to write a note giving information to a Spanish person living in the UK.


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