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This Revision Bite will give you practise in listening to and understanding Spanish on the topic of the region where you live.

Listening questions: My region

Print out this page or copy down the tables onto paper. Read through the question thoroughly, then listen to the audio and fill in your answers in the tables.


1. Las ventajas y desventajas de vivir en el campo o en la ciudad. Completa la tabla.


2. Una descripción de la ciudad de Madrid. Elige la palabra correcta para describir estos aspectos de la ciudad.

  • A - Uno de los sitios más famosos
  • B - La ciudad que no duerme
  • C - Fenomenal
  • D - En sus alrededores

Hay muchísimos lugares para comer   
La movida nocturna   
Puerta del Sol   

Answers and examiner's comments


1. Las ventajas y desventajas de vivir en el campo o en la ciudad. Completa la tabla.

Advantages and disadvantages of living in the country and the town. Complete the table.

Ventajasmás comercio

Listen out for:

muy tranquilo

Listen out for:

 más cultura

Listen out for:

menos contaminación

Listen out for:

Desventajasmucha basura

Listen out for:

poca diversión

Listen out for:

 muy cara

Listen out for:

poco empleoListen out for:

Listen out for:

  • This is a piece of intensive listening practice. It might be a good idea to pause the video as frequently as you need, in order to give yourself time to write your answers.
  • You also need to think carefully whether the piece of information given is an advantage ('ventaja') or a disadvantage ('desventaja'). If this were an exam question it would be paused appropriately to give you plenty of time to write your answers.
  • You only need to fill in at most two words in Spanish.
  • Your spellings must communicate clearly, even though they may contain minor errors.
  • This a test of your comprehension, not your spelling or grammar.

2. Una descripción de la ciudad de Santiago de Compostela. Elige la palabra correcta para describir estos aspectos de la ciudad.

A description of Madird. Choose the correct word to describe these aspects of the city.

  • A - Puerta del Sol
  • B - Madrid
  • C - La movida nocturna
  • D - Hay muchísimos lugares para comer
  • In this type of activity you will always have more options than you need. Some may come from the passage, others not. The art of successful listening here is to be aware of synonyms (words similar or identical in meaning) and to think carefully before choosing your answer.
  • Use your knowledge of masculine and feminine and your common sense to narrow down the options - eg 'catedral' is feminine, so cannot be described as 'bonito'.

Transcripts and translations

Pregunta número uno

¿Dónde preferirías vivir? Hoy son muchos los que prefieren vivir en la ciudad: dicen que hay más cultura, y más comercio. Sin embargo la ciudad es muy cara y hay mucha basura también. Personalmente prefiero el campo. Aunque hay menos diversión y poco empleo es muy tranquilo y hay menos contaminación.

Pregunta número dos

¡Bienvenidos a Madrid! Uno de los sitios más famosos de Madrid es la Puerta del Sol, en el centro de Madrid. Es el punto de encuentro para celebrar fiestas tradicionales como la del 2 de Mayo y el Año Nuevo. En sus alrededores hay muchísimos lugares para comer e ir de tapas. Madrid también es conocida como la ciudad que no duerme porque la movida nocturna es fenomenal y hay de todo para todos. Por ejemplo, las zonas de Moncloa, Malasaña y Santa Ana tienen muchísimos bares y discotecas.

Question 1

Where would you prefer to live? Nowadays there are many who prefer to live in the city - they say that there is more culture and more business. However the city is expensive and there is a lot of rubbish too. Personally I prefer the country. Although there is less entertainment and little employment it is quiet and there is less pollution.

Question 2

Welcome to Madrid! One of the most famous landmarks is Puerta del Sol, in the centre of Madrid. This is the meeting point to celebrate traditional festivities, such as May 2nd and the New Year. Its surroundings are full of places to eat and “ir de tapas”. Madrid is also well known as the city that never sleeps because its nightlife is great and there is a bit of everything for everyone, especially in the areas of Moncloa, Malasaña and Santa Ana, with lots of bars and discos.

Exam tips

  • If your teacher pauses the tape between questions (or parts of a question) it is usually indicated by a bleep. Take as much time as you need to write your answer. The tape will only be restarted when everybody is ready. Usually a listening test will have very few questions that require long written answers in Spanish.
  • Make yourself aware of all the words you are likely to come across in the question. If you haven't got a list of common ones, they will be printed in the specification or help guide produced by your exam board. This may also be available from their website. In this question it is important to understand 'ventaja' and 'desventaja' in order to do the task.

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