If you're taking the Higher tier exam make sure you check out the Foundation units too.

Listening: Foundation
School day, holidays, free time, out and about, jobs
Listening: Higher
School, holidays, free time, my region, jobs
Reading: Foundation
Around the town, holidays, interests, the media, part-time jobs
Reading: Higher
Describing someone, the news, shopping, a tourist brochure, work experience
Speaking: Foundation
Conversation: free time, daily routine, my house, my region, jobs, Role play: shopping, feeling ill, part-time jobs, Presentation structure - J-Lo
Speaking: Higher
Conversation: school, holidays, Role play: shopping
Writing: Foundation
About the house, finding the way, part-time jobs, personal details, tourism
Writing: Higher
Festivals, holidays, job application, places of interest, school life
Agreement - adjectives, adverbs, the conditional, future, imperfect, preterite and perfect tenses, imperatives, impersonal verbs, nouns and articles, object pronouns, the passive voice, por and para, possessive adjectives, the present subjunctive, verbs, subject pronouns, quantifiers and intensifiers, relative pronouns, ser and estar, verbs followed by prepositions
Exam skills

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