OCR Gateway (Pre-2011)


This section is for students studying the old (pre-2011) course. If you are studying the new (2011 onwards) course, please visit the new course index.


Understanding ourselves
Fitness and respiration, diet and digestion, keeping healthy, your senses and nervous system, drugs and you, homeostasis and hormones, gene control, characteristics and inheritance
Understanding our environment
Ecology and grouping organisms, photosynthesis and respiration, compete or die, adapt to fit, natural selection and evolution, population and sustainability


Carbon chemistry
Fundamental chemical concepts, cooking, food additives, smells, making crude oil useful, making polymers, designing polymers, using carbon fuels, energy
Rocks and metals
Paints and pigments, construction materials, the Earth's structure, metals and alloys, cars for scrap, the Earth's atmosphere, collision theory and rates of reaction


Energy for the home
Heating houses, keeping homes warm, and how insulation works, the electromagnetic spectrum, infrared signals, wireless signals, light, earthquakes and global warming
Living for the future
Collecting energy from the Sun, generating electricity, fuels for power, nuclear radiation, our magnetic field, exploring our solar system, threats to Earth, the Big Bang

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