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OCR Gateway Science


This section for students studying the current (2011 onwards) Science course. If you are studying the old (pre-2011) course, please visit the pre-2011 course index.


Understanding organisms
Fitness and health, human health and diet, staying healthy, the nervous system, drugs and you, staying in balance, controlling plant growth, variation and inheritance
Understanding our environment
Classification, energy flow, recycling, interdependence, adaptations, natural selection, population and pollution, sustainability


Fundamental chemical concepts
Fundamental chemical concepts
Carbon chemistry
Making crude oil useful, using carbon fuels, clean air, making polymers, designing polymers, cooking food and additives, smells, paints and pigments
Chemical resources
The structure of the Earth, construction materials, metals and alloys, making cars, making ammonia, acids and bases, fertilisers and crop yields, the chemistry of sodium chloride


Energy for the home
Heating houses, keeping homes warm, a spectrum of waves, light and lasers, cooking and communication using waves, data transmission, wireless signals, stable Earth
Energy resources
Collecting energy from the Sun, generating electricity, global warming, fuels for power, nuclear radiations, eploring our solar system, threats to the Earth, the Big Bang

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