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Edexcel (Pre-2011)


This section is for students studying the old (pre-2011) course. If you are studying the new (2011 onwards) course, please visit the new course index.


Populations and pyramids, evolution, characteristics and classification
DNA, reproduction and cloning, genes
Electrical and chemical signals
The nervous system, hormones
Use, misuse and abuse
Defending against infection, drugs and health


Patterns in properties
The periodic table, groups in the periodic table, the transition metals, forensic science
Making changes
Preparing gases and testing for them, making salts, extracting metals, chemicals in the lab and home
There’s one Earth
Fuels, useful products from air and seawater, damage to the environment
Designer products
Smart materials, nanotechnology, food and drink


Producing and measuring electricity
Producing electricity, voltage, current and resistance, advances in electrical devices
You’re in charge
Generating electricity, mains electricity, the cost of electricity
Now you see it, now you don’t
An introduction to waves, sound, ultrasound and seismic waves, the electromagnetic spectrum, sending information
Space and its mysteries
Gravity, force and weight, planets, stars and galaxies, the origins of the universe

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