This section for students studying the current (2011 onwards) Science course. If you are studying the old (pre-2011) course, please visit the pre-2011 course index.


Classification, inheritance and variation
Classification, variation, evolution, genes and inheritance
Responses to a changing environment
Homeostasis, plant hormones, the nervous system
Problems and solutions in the environment
Drugs, infectious disease, interdependence, pollution, recycling


The Earth's sea and atmosphere
The Earth's sea and atmosphere
Materials from the Earth
Types of rock, calcium carbonate, conservation of mass
Acids, neutralisation and salts, electrolysis
Obtaining and using metals
Obtaining and using metals
Oil refining and fuels, hydrocarbons


Visible light and the Solar System
Ideas about the solar system, telescopes, waves
The electromagnetic spectrum
The electromagnetic spectrum
Waves and the Universe
Exploring space, stars and the origins of the universe
Waves and the Earth
Ultrasound and infrasound, seismic waves
Generation and transmission of electricity
Producing electricity, transmitting electricity, electrical quantities
Energy and the future
Energy transfer and efficiency

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