This section for students studying the current (2011 onwards) Science course. If you are studying the old (pre-2011) course, please visit the pre-2011 course index.


Keeping healthy
Diet and exercise, defending against infection
Nerves and hormones
The nervous system, control in the human body, control in plants
The use and abuse of drugs
Interdependence and adaptation
Adaptations, environmental change
Food chains, energy, biomass and cycles
Energy in biomass, the carbon cycle
Genetic variation and its control
Why organisms are different, reproduction
Theories of evolution


Fundamental ideas in chemistry
Atoms, the periodic table, chemical reactions
Limestone and building materials
Calcium carbonate
Metals and their uses
Extracting metals and making alloys
Crude oil and fuels
Separating crude oil, hydrocarbons as fuels
Useful substances from crude oil
Alkenes, polymers and ethanol
Plant oils and their uses
Vegetable oils, emulsions and hydrogenation
Changes in the Earth and its atmosphere
The Earth's crust, the Earth's atmosphere


Heating and cooling
Energy transfer by heating, buildings
Energy and efficiency
Energy transfers and efficiency, electrical appliances
Mains electricity
Generating electricity
General properties of waves, sound and light
Origins of the Universe

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