OCR Gateway Additional Science


Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics for OCR Gateway Additional Science:


Living and growing
Molecules of life, Proteins and mutations, Respiration, Cell division, The circulatory system, Growth and development, New genes for old, Cloning
It's a green world
Ecology in the local environment, Photosynthesis, Leaves and photosynthesis, Diffusion and osmosis, Transport in plants, Plants need minerals, Decay, Farming


Fundamental chemical concepts
Fundamental chemical concepts
Chemical economics
Rate of reaction 1 – Reaction times and rates, Rate of reaction 2 – Reaction rate and changing conditions, Rate of reaction 3 – Explosions and catalysts, Reacting masses, Percentage yield and atom economy, Energy, Batch or continuous?, Allotropes of carbon and nanochemistry
The periodic table
Fundamental chemical concepts, Atomic structure, Ionic bonding, The periodic table and covalent bonding, The group 1 elements, The group 7 elements, Transition elements, Metal structure and properties, Purifying and testing water


Forces for transport
Speed, Changing speed, Forces and motion, Work and power, Energy on the move, Crumple zones, Falling safely, The energy of games and theme rides
Radiation for life
Sparks, Uses of electrostatics, Safe electricals, Ultrasound, What is radioactivity?, Uses of radioisotopes, Radiation treatment, Fission and fusion

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