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OCR 21st Century Additional Science


Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics for OCR 21st Century Additional GCSE Science:


The processes of life
Chemical reactions in living things, How plants make food, Obtaining energy
Growth and development
How organisms develop, Producing new cells, Controlling growth and development
Brain and mind
Responding to environmental changes, The nervous system, Reflex responses, Complex behaviour


Chemical patterns
Periodic table, Patterns in properties of elements, Explaining patterns, Group 1 and group 7 elements
Chemicals of the natural environment
Chemicals in the atmosphere, The hydrosphere, The lithosphere, Extraction of metals
Chemical synthesis
Why we need chemicals, Performing chemical synthesis


Explaining motion
Describing motion, Forces, Forces and motion, Motion and energy changes
Electric circuits
Electric current, Size of a current, Parallel and series circuits, Mains electricity, Electric motors
Radioactive materials
Why materials are radioactive, Safe use and handling of radioactive materials

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