OCR Gateway Additional Science (Pre-2011)


Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics for Additional OCR Gateway Science:


Living and growing
Diffusion, blood circulation, growth in plants and humans, controlling plant growth, DNA and enzymes, cell division, selective breeding and GM, cloning
It’s a green world
Photosynthesis, osmosis, transport in plants, minerals in plants, decays - bacteria and fungi, the carbon and nitrogen cycles, food chains, farming


The Periodic Table
Elements, compounds and chemical equations, atomic structure, ionic bonding, covalent bonding, alkali metals, the Halogens, transition elements, metal structures and their properties, electrolysis
Chemical economics
Acids and bases, reaction masses, making ammonia - the Haber process, batch and continuous processing, fertilizers and crop yield, how pure is our water, nanochemistry, detergents


Forces for transport
Speed, changing speed, forces and motion, work and power, energy on the move, crumple zones, falling safely, kinetic energy and GPE
Radiation for life
Electrostatics - sparks, uses of electrostatics, electrical circuits, ultrasound, what is radioactivity, nuclear fission, uses of radioisotopes, radiation treatment

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