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Edexcel Additional Science


Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics for Edexcel Additional Science:


The building blocks of cells
What’s in a cell, DNA, Mitosis and meiosis, Cloning, Protein synthesis, Enzymes
Organisms and energy
Respiration, Photosynthesis, Fieldwork techniques
Common systems
Growth, Blood, Digestion


Atomic structure and the periodic table
Atoms and the periodic table, Electrons
Ionic compounds and analysis
Ionic compounds, Analysis of ionic compounds
Covalent compounds and separation techniques
Covalent compounds, Separation techniques
Groups in the periodic table
Metals in the periodic table, Periodic table groups
Chemical reactions
Energy changes in reactions, Rates of reaction
Quantitative chemistry
Chemical calculations


Static and current electricity
Static, Electric current
Controlling and using electric current
Circuits, Resistance
Motion and forces
Motion, Forces
Momentum, energy, work and power
Momentum, Kinetic energy work and power
Nuclear fission and nuclear fusion
Nuclear fission and fusion
Advantages and disadvantages of using radioactive materials
Uses of radioactivity, Problems with radioactivity

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