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OCR 21st Century (Pre-2011)


This section is for students studying the old (pre-2011) course. If you are studying the new (2011 onwards) course, please visit the new course index.


You and your genes
Genes and inheritance, testing and treating genetic diseases, cloning and stem cells
Keeping healthy
Disease and resistance, antibiotics and drug testing, heart disease
Life on Earth
The evolution of hormones and the nervous system, theory of evolution


Air quality
Chemicals in the air, measuring pollutants, chemical reactions, sources of air pollution, what happens to pollutants, air pollution data, improving air quality
Material choices
Using materials, measuring properties, useful chemicals from crude oil, molecular structure and properties, making life cycle assessments, using life cycle assessments
Food matters
Natural polymers, farming methods, comparing farming methods, food additives, sources of harmful chemicals, protecting the public, food risk and benefits, digestion and synthesis, diabetes, diabetes risk and benefit


The Earth in the Universe
The Earth and space, continental drift, stars and galaxies
Radiation and life
Benefits and risks, electromagnetic radiation, global warming
Radioactive materials
Nuclear radiation, safe handling of radioactive materials, generating electricity

Ideas in context

Heart disease
Nitrogen dioxide danger
Health fear over new airport scanners

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