OCR 21st Century Science


This section for students studying the current (2011 onwards) Science course. If you are studying the old (pre-2011) course, please visit the pre-2011 course index.


You and your genes
Genes, inheritance, testing and treating genetic diseases, cloning and stem cells
Keeping healthy
Disease and resistance, antibiotics and drug testing, heart disease, keeping a healthy balance
Life on Earth
How species depend on each other, theory of evolution, the importance of biodiversity


Air quality
Chemicals in the air, chemical reactions and pollutants, improving air quality
Materials choices
Measuring properties of materials, crude oil and its uses, structure of materials, nanotechnology
Chemicals in our lives - risks and benefits
Minerals in Britain, the importance of salt, manufacture and use of chemicals, safety and sustainability


The Earth in the Universe
Earth, stars, galaxies and space, how the Earth is changing
Radiation and life
Electromagnetic radiation, benefits and risk, global warming, waves and communication
Sustainable energy
Using energy, generating electricity, choosing energy sources

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