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Religious Studies

Sikhism: prejudice and discrimination

Sikh attitudes towards prejudice and discrimination

Sikhism teaches that Waheguru (God) created every being and is in everyone.

Guru Ram Das Ji (the fourth Guru) said that, "The True Guru, the Primal Being, is kind and compassionate; all are alike to Him. He looks upon all impartially".

Because of this teaching Sikhs may not show prejudice against anyone.

Guru Nanak Devi Ji (the first Guru) taught that everyone should worship the same God and that every person is equal and should be treated equally. He said that there is no Hindu and no Muslim because everyone is the same in Waheguru’s eyes.

Waheguru is formless and colourless, and the differences between humans do not make one person better than another. In the eyes of Waheguru, a kind act towards a human being shows respect to one of Waheguru’s creatures, and is an act of worship towards Waheguru.

No one can follow these teachings perfectly, and there will be occasions when Sikhs, like those of other faiths, are guilty of prejudice and discrimination.

But there are many examples too of Sikhs challenging injustice when they see the laws of God being broken.

One such organisation is the Sikh Human Rights Group. The SHRG is a group of volunteers and activists with a shared interest in the protection and promotion of human rights, the peaceful resolution of conflicts and reform of the agencies of the United Nations to reflect the needs of the people rather than the states. The SHRG has members from many communities, and is open to all who agree with its principles, whether or not they are Sikh.

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