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Religious Studies

Christianity: death rites

Other traditions at a Christian funeral

People often send flowers to a funeral [Funeral: A service held shortly after a person has died, to mark the end of that person's life. A celebration of the life of someone after they have died. ] to represent the beauty of the world which the dead person is about to enter. Candles are also lit to remind people that Jesus was the light of the world and that because of Jesus, Christians can be saved from their sins [Sin: Act of rebellion or disobedience against the known will of God. ] and go to heaven [Heaven: The place, or state, in which souls will be united with God after death. ].

Most of the things which Christians do after a person has died are closely related to their beliefs about life after death.

Christians believe that each person has ‘one soul and one life to save it in’. Unlike members of some other religions, Christians do not believe in reincarnation in any form.

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